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About us

yolo Spa

We offer a range of beauty and wellness services integrating Western and Eastern holistic health concepts and alternative medicine approaches. Inspired by the importance of the feet in the healing arts of the East, our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to making your feet happy by providing quality foot reflexology treatments. For many of us, our feet might be invisible, when in reality, they support us throughout life. After carrying you around all day in all your tasks, your feet deserve a relaxing break that will also tone your body.


Come to Spa Yolo and bring your roots to life. In the pursuit of optional health and wellness care for our clients, our Chinese tui’na and Japanese shiatsu treatments use massage techniques that focus on acupressure points to balance and propel the body. energy throughout the body; Lymphatic drainage techniques target fluids and toxins accumulated in the body in the hope of improving metabolism and the immune system. Our blend of classic spa treatments can also help beautify faces, refine bodies, depilate, paint nails, lengthen lashes and more. Our mission is to provide an environment where dynamic men and women can relieve stress, create a sense of well-being, and satisfy their aesthetic desires with quality customer service, convenient hours and affordable prices.

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